Promulgated by the Municipality of the “animal-friendly” town of Vieste, this set of regulations provides some requirements designed to ensure the correct use of the beach area and in particular to protect both the health of the dogs and the proper co-existence and security of both people and animals that frequent the beach. Such requirements, however, posted on the bulletin board, means inspected and accepted: 


  • only dogs kept strictly on a leash can access the beach, they are regularly enrolled at canine civil registry (with tattoo or microchip), free from infestations of fleas, ticks or other parasites, equipped with medical records, collar with nameplate in which to indicate the data of the owner; 

  • the owners / keepers must ensure that the animal is not getting near the players; also they must take care of cleanliness and place a bowl with water, always present and accessible, and to ensure that the animal always has a chance to repair itself in the shade; 

  • the solid manure of animals should immediately be removed by the owner / holder, which must be equipped with small shovel / bag and placed in the appropriate waste containers; urine must be washed and sprinkled with plenty of sea water always by the owner / animal owner. Every two hours the owner is however, obliged to carry the dog off the beach for a stroll; 

  • the dog owners / holders are the exclusive responsible for the welfare, control and management of the animals and respond to both civil and criminal law, for any damage or injury to persons, animals and things caused by the animal itself; 

  • the owners / holders must be equipped with a special leash not longer than 1.50 m, and have with them a soft muzzle, to be used only in case of need or at the reasoned request of other swimmers and / or competent authorities; 

  • the animals can swim in the sea without the leash in the water in front of the equipped area, but under the control and with the sole responsibility of the owner / holder; 

  • it is forbidden the access to female dogs in the estrous period (heat) and dogs with aggressive syndrome; 

  • who access the beach is obliged to respect all the points mentioned above and make himself available to supervision by the responsible person. 

  • to let dogs access the lido and their eventual estrangement from the beach in the event of disturbance to other bathers is at the discretion of the owner of the seaside establishment.

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