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A new, innovative entertainment proposal suitable for both grown-ups and children!

Since our daily life is normally hectic and stressful, here at Camping Village Spiaggia Lunga we have decided that this summer our guests should have the possibility to slow down a bit, relax and fully enjoy their holidays immersed in nature.

Our new entertainment proposal derives from the need of inclusion and genuineness, two aspects that our modern life is lacking, due to the growing importance and influence of technology.

Starting with taking care of nature with small, kind and aware deeds and their hoped-for diffusion.

From the willingness of establishing an authentic contact with the surroundings in order to gain new experience and to learn how to breathe differently.


Such activities involve both grown-ups and children, and are carried out throughout the day.

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Mini Club, suitable for children aged between 4 and 10 years, offers leisure, sport and playful activities granting kids the pleasure of playing surrounded by nature, enjoying themselves and making new friends at the same time.

These activities aim mainly at getting children closer to nature and to the concept of environmental sustainability, suggesting a true Green Experience, inspiring them to look for the constant and direct contact with nature, even once back home.


Every morning games and sport activities are arranged for our little guests on the beach, whilst in the afternoon they will be busy with:

  • Creative recycling workshops: group activities designed for stimulating imagination and creativity, and for learning that waste has usually a second life and can be transformed into game materials. 

  • Fruit Party/ “Pane e Pomodoro” Party: fresh fruit smoothies prepared together, and the wholesomeness of bread, olive oil and fresh tomatoes coming together into a healthy snack, which preparation combines amusement with the learning of a few rules of how to eat healthy, but still flavourful. 

  • Readings among trees: reading books while being entirely surrounded by nature, writing workshops and the building of a green library open to everyone and completely free.

  • Culinary workshops: the perfect occasion to learn together how to make homemade focaccia bread or pasta by having fun while experimenting something new.

  • Theatrical workshops: once a week children are encouraged to express their talent on stage for the evening show.

Junior Club, suitable for adolescents aged 12 years and older, includes sport activities embracing different disciplines in order to involve, amuse and meet new and old friends.

Beach Volleyball gamesarchery and swimming competitionshikes along the nature trail are going to be organised together with the leisure appointments of pizza party and watermelon party.  


In the evening, starting from 21.00 pm., Baby Dance and the shows rehearsed and then staged by the children members of the Mini Club will make us smile under the beautiful Apulian sky.


During the months of July and August, the little ones will leave room and amusement for the disco nightsand rap music shows dedicated to grown-ups and young adults.

The sport program for adults will include several holistic disciplines, a fitness training session setting in motion musclesemotions and energy channels.

An activity joining movement also with balance exercisesbreathing and meditation


The timetable schedules in the morning the practice of:

  • Soft Yoga

  • Water Pilates

  • Sunrise Yoga at 06.00 am. – once a week

In the afternoon:

  • Stretching

  • Fitball

  • Meditation among trees

In the evening, once a week, a yoga session will be organized at night starting from 23.00 pm.


In addition to holistic sports, it will be possible to practice other sports by taking advantage of the sport facilities and the services provided by the windsurf and kitesurf school present within the holiday village.

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